Forum Business Research (a Netherlands based market research firm) developed the idea and concept of Performitor in year 2006. The first version of the product was developed by a Netherlands based software development firm. When Forum started working on the next release in 2009, they tried the offshore development model for the first time and turned to Winnou for help. 

The product idea seemed exciting for us because we saw there was a need for this product in the Indian market as well. Thus was born this partnership and eventually in 2011, we setup Forum Business Research (P) Ltd as a JV between Forum, Netherlands and Winnou, India. Performitor is now marketed in India by this JV firm. 



Performitor is a technology enabled solution that is based on cutting edge research in customer perception management, consumer behavior and social media. The solution helps an organization understand the customer perception (external view) of its processes, people and products.

Many a times, an organization has a set of internal processes and metrics to track and monitor the process efficiencies. However, organizational branding depends to a large extent on the customer perceptions formed at each of the touch points. The touch points can be many, starting from advertisements to actually experiencing the service or product offered by the organization. The impact of each of these perceptions varies – with the most impact being created while experiencing the service or product - these are called "moments of truth". Each of these perceptions together form the organizational brand which determines to a large extent the success of the organization.

Performitor is an innovative tool that helps in measuring and influencing the quality of organizational brand as perceived by its customers. Customer feedback is regularly obtained on the key performance areas for a process using Performitor. It then uses this data to present a view of the organization from outside – in real time based on each of the individual customer touch points and helps the organization understand the strengths and areas of improvement as perceived by the customer.

In addition, by enabling highly satisfied customers an immediate opportunity to talk about the organization and its offerings on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, Performitor not just directly influences the organizational brand in the long term but also creates a healthy and compelling digital “word-of-mouth” advertisement.



Only Joomla!

We only work with Joomla! Why? Because we are fascinated by it. It is quite simply the next best thing to sliced bread. Really.

Joomla! provides a ready, flexible, scalable framework for web application development. Starting in 2006, we have evolved with the evolving Joomla! framework, contributing to it in our own small way.

If it is web apps development, Joomla! can do it. And when it comes to Joomla!, we know we are one of the best.

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