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Change Management

Change Management

A full-scale implementation of onEdu is an institution changing initiative. Post implementation, many of the regular and clerical jobs will be accomplished by onEdu leaving time on hand for your staff to spend on more value added activities. New roles will be created that can effectively support the organization while working with onEdu. Effective change management should be part of an overall program management for successful implementation of the software. It has been our experience that many software initiatives do not succeed because of the people and their concern about the changes being implemented across the organization as part of the software implementation.

A structured approach is employed during this transition of individuals, teams and your institution from the current state to the future state. At winnou, we have been through many implementation life cycles and over time, have designed effective systems and processes aimed at empowering your staff to embrace these inevitable changes.

A change management plan is prepared based on the current and future states. It will include marketing strategy to effectively communicate the reasons for change, benefits of the future state as well as the details of change such as when, where and who. Role specific training programs will be conducted and personal counseling shall be provided if required.

Product Implementation

Implementation Services

onEdu has more than 20 different modules, with each module comprising of many features. When implemented in its full capacity, onEdu impacts every function across the institution. While onEdu is built in such a way that your IT team should be able to install and configure the software as per your requirements, we recommend that you take our help in this phase for a smooth and quick turnaround. After all, we have developed the software and understand all the different nuances. In addition, we have repeatedly done this many a times and have evolved onEdu Implementation Methodology (onIM) – which is a package of many checklists, templates, processes, scripts, training sessions and presentations.
Services offered are
  • Sharing of best practices applicable for your institution

  • Re-aligning current processes to fit the future state

  • Installation of the software

  • Configuring onEdu as per the requirements of the institute

  • Data conversions

  • Role specific end user training

  • Monitoring and institutionalizing the software usage

Here is our implementation flow.




Every customer is unique. While some customers are more willing to adapt to the flexible processes as defined in onEdu, some others would want to continue with the best practices that they have evolved in house. onEdu can be customized for your specific situation.

Our product development team has well defined processes to track every change at each customer location and ensure such changes are serviced separately when applying upgrades and patches in future.

Before a customization is finalized for development, all other alternatives such as available workarounds in onEdu are researched. Best practices that are already built into onEdu are also analyzed for fitment. Only after all these efforts do not meet the desired functionality, customizations are taken up. They are evaluated from a functional process, technical feasibility and future ease of maintenance perspective before being taken up for development.


 Integration Services

While onEdu provides complete and comprehensive functionality for running an institution, we understand that some of our customers may have already invested in other standard Campus Management Solutions such as SAP or Oracle (Peoplesoft). In such situations, we can plan and build integration with such existing software so that the institute can benefit from the best of both software solutions.

We have connectors with the following other standard software solutions
  • SAP Campus Management Software
  • NewGenLib Open Source Library Management Software
  • FET Open Source Timetable Software 
  • TALLY Accounting ERP Software
  • CELCAT Timetable
  • Blackboard
In addition to the above softwares, we have also integrated with several flavours of barcode, RFID and Biometric identity recognition systems for attendance management. 

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